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"Over a century ago, Smith & Wesson introduced what would become the most successful revolver in history: The .38 Military & Police. A revolutionary new design, the .38 Military & Police, commonly referred to as the Model 10 Revolver, has been in continuous production since its inception and well over 6 million units have been sold. The same approach to design, R&D, ergonomics, performance and continuous improvement has evolved the Military & Police moniker into the Smith & Wesson M&P® brand we know today. Smith & Wesson epitomizes this philosophy with every M&P® product - our pistols, rifles, and revolvers are developed from the ground up with the professional user at the forefront, from design through final assembly. For generations, we have had the honor and the privilege to provide firearms to the law enforcement and military personnel who have taken an oath to protect us all. Our commitment to these heroes remains steadfast, and our sense of duty is reflected in the quality of every firearm we produce. Our Global Professional and International Sales Department is comprised of military and law enforcement veterans from all four branches of the armed forces and several state and municipal law enforcement agencies. Our team of professionals will help you outfit your agency with the world’s finest rifles, pistols, suppressors and handcuffs available today. Thank you for your business and THANK YOU for your service."

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