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"QuiqLite Inc. (Quick Light) is a progressive company founded by Brian Quittner, a 15 year California Law Enforcement veteran. QuiqLite was invented after recognizing the need for a hands-free concealed light source that could fit into a uniform shirt pocket for reading, writing and maneuvering in the dark. Because of QuiqLite's unique design, ease of use and dependebility, QuiqLite Inc. has become a known and trusted name in the world of public safety. Police Officers, Paramedics, Search & Rescue, Firefighters, Military and many other use and depend on QuiqLite Products to help make their jobs easier and safer while working in the dark! Our products have been field tested in a variety of applications for casual contacts, tactical applications, search and rescue operations and a variety of challenging conditions where a hands-free light source is prefered. Unlike other flashlights that impair your night vision by producing too much light, QuiqLite products are specifically designed to keep your night vision intact by providing just the right amount of light to get the job done!"
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